One of the puzzles, on a scene from episode "Room 320".

Puzzle pieces can be found hidden in certain frames of episodes of the first season of Evil. Each episode contains multiple pieces except for the pilot. Throughout the first season, a total of 67 puzzles have been found.

The puzzle pieces are part of an alternate reality game; in an interview, showrunner Robert King mentioned that the show has a puzzle element comprised of the episode numbers and "other things you can find within the episode."[1]

List of pieces[edit | edit source]

The following are all puzzle pieces per episode. The images are courtesy of

1.02: "177 Minutes" (3 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.03: "3 Stars" (3 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.04: "Rose390" (3 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.05: "October 31" (3 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.06: "Let x = 9" (3 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.07: "Vatican III" (6 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.08: "2 Fathers" (8 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.09: "Exorcism Part 2" (8 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.10: "7 Swans a Singin'" (7 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.11: "Room 320" (8 pieces)[edit | edit source]

1.12: "Justice x 2" (8 pieces)[edit | edit source]

13: "Book 27" (7 pieces)[edit | edit source]

Fan activity[edit | edit source]

Evil fans started to find some of the pieces and shared them on various websites, such as the Facebook group EVIL Fans (CBS), Evil's subreddit, and Evil Wiki's Discussions. One fan, having found all remaining puzzle pieces, created the website, which includes edited images of all pieces and allows visitors to put the pieces together.

The creator of puzzle-tool was able to put together semi-complete versions of the puzzle (see puzzle 1 and puzzle 2), which appear to form a map. A redditor discovered that the resulting image fit on top of a map of the Manhattan area.

External links[edit | edit source]

  •, a fan-made website where visitors can interact with the pieces and put them together.

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