The second season of Evil was confirmed on October 22, 2019.[1] It set to premiere on June 20, 2021 on Paramount+.

Season details[edit | edit source]

According to series creators Robert and Michelle King, the story picks up immediately after the ending of the previous season, with Leland Townsend seeking an exorcism in the first episode because he says he sold his soul to the devil, which will raise the question of whether he is being genuine or not.

The Kings have also stated that one of their main influences for season two is "the decline in respect for the truth," which will be reflected in the show as an uncertainty between what is true and what is false.[2]

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Title Airdate Writer(s) Director Season Episode Series Episode
"N is for Night Terrors" June 20, 2021 Rockne S. O'Bannon TBA 1 14
"A is for Avenging Angel" June 27, 2021 Davita Scarlett TBA 2 15
"F is for Fire" July 4, 2021 Dewayne Darian Jones TBA 3 16
"E is for Elevator" July 11, 2021 Robert & Michelle King TBA 4 17
"Z is for Zombies" July 18, 2021 Patricia Ione Lloyd TBA 5 18
"C is for Cop" July 25, 2021 Aurin Squire TBA 6 19
"S is for Silence" August 1, 2021 Robert & Michelle King TBA 7 20
"T is for Temporoparietal Lobes" August 8, 2021 Louisa Hill TBA 8 21
"U is for U.F.O" August 15, 2021 Nialla Bese LeBouef TBA 9 22
TBA August 22, 2021 TBA TBA 10 23
TBA August 29, 2021 TBA TBA 11 24
TBA September 5, 2021 TBA TBA 12 25
TBA September 12, 2021 TBA TBA 13 26

Development[edit | edit source]

Production of the season was initially delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with some storylines and ideas having to be adapted because of the pandemic's effect on filming, with social-distancing protocols in place. Series creators Robert and Michelle King have stated that they believe these changes will result on a more character-focused season, relying more on intimate shocks than spectacle.[2]

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